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Cold Store 1

        Cold Store 1 was previously known as Hunag Pu Cold Storage of Guangdong Foodstuff Import & Export (Group) Corporation. Its total capacity is 10,500 tons, among which 8300 tons are freezer and 2200 tons are chiller. Cold Store 1 has been designated as Registered Cold Storage for Imported Aquatic Products by GDCIQ. Cold Store 1 adopts direct cooling, which helps to minimize weight loss of products and keep good refrigeration effect. Currently the stocks in the freezer are mainly aquatic products and meats, and the chiller is ideal for food additives, fruits, vegetables, shrimp skins, dried ballonflower, cream, etc. In addition, Cold Store 1 also provides the following services:


1、Various query services upon request of customers at
      any time through advanced Warehouse Management
2、24/7 service;
3、Supervised warehousing services for animals& plants
      of imported containers;
4、Stock inbound, outbound and cross-docking services;
5、Site accessibility for various types of vehicles for
      delivering and trading stocks;
6、Specialized docks available for receipt or dispatch of
      different kinds of stocks (exclusive of dangerous
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